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800+ high-definition creative commons photographs are presented in the India collections, on the linked pages you will find many photographs, and wherever possible I have added in relevant historical information, videos, maps and diagrams.

Interactive Map for the Photographs in India

a pick of some of the best photographs from the collections:

The Best of India (52)



The Bhārhut Stupa in the Indian Museum, Kolkata (68)

Statues and Reliefs in the Indian Museum, Kolkata (152)

Statues and Bronzes in the Patna Museum, Bihar (76)


Gayā and its Environs



Other Sites


Stūpas and other remains along the Pilgrimage Route (84)

Murals at Nava Jetavana, Shravasti (16)

In and Around Rajgir (Rājagaha) (68)

Nālanda University (140)

Pawapuri (Jaina Pilgrimage Site) (16)



Photographs by Anandajoti Bhikkhu

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