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1,600 high-definition creative commons photographs presented here are from the Indonesian collections, on the linked pages you will find many photographs, also wherever possible I have added in relevant historical information, videos, maps and diagrams.

Interactive Map for the Photographs in Indonesia

a pick of some of the best photographs from the collections:

The Best of Indonesia (52)

1: The Borobudur Monument
(1200+ photographs and 2 videos)

Dawn at Borobudur


A Section of the Monument


Memorable Characters from Borobudur
(A Selection from the Collections, 98)

13: The Buddha Statues and Chaityas (80 + Video)

12: The Bhadracari Reliefs on Level 4, Inner Wall (72)

11: The Gandavyuha Reliefs on Level 4, Balustrade (152)

10: The Gandavyuha Reliefs on Level 3, Balustrade (157)

9: The Gandavyuha Reliefs on Level 3, Inner Wall (88)

8: The Gandavyuha Reliefs on Level 2, Inner Wall (128)

7: The Jataka and Avadana Reliefs on Level 2, Balustrade (47)

6: Lalitavistara (Life of the Buddha) Storyboard (400) (3rd set)

6: Lalitavistara (Life of the Buddha) Storyboard (355) (2nd set)

6: Lalitavistara (Life of the Buddha) Level 1, Inner Wall (159) (1st set)

5: The Divyavadana (Divine Traditions) Storyboard (368) (2nd set)

5: The Divyavadana Reliefs on Level 1, Inner Wall (170) (1st set)

4: The Jataka Reliefs on Level 1, Balustrade, Top (297)

3: The Jataka Reliefs on Level 1, Balustrade, Bottom (73)

2: The Lokapala Reliefs on Level 1, Outer Balustrade (Selection) (18)

1: The Karmavibhanga Reliefs on Ground Level (160)


 Click to Open the Flipbook of
“Reading Borobudur, II: The Panels illustrating the Divyāvadāna”
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2: Nearby Temples
The Ancient Pavon Temple (22)   Candi Ngawen (18)
The Ancient Mendut Vihara (78)   The Modern Mendut Vihara (29)

The ancient temples of Ngawen, Mendut, Pavon and Borobudur are on a line running roughly East to West for about 12km

3: The Prambanan Plain

Trimurti Temple Complex at Prambanan (132)


Ratu Boko Complex at Prambanan (56)


Buddhist Temples around Prambanan:

Candi Sewu (64)   Candi Plaosan (23)   Candi Sari (13)   Candi Kalasan (11)


4: The Area around the Dieng Plateau

Candi Pringapus (20)

Dieng Plateau (24)

Sunrise on the Dieng Plateau


5: West Java

National Museum in Jakarta (166)
A fine collection of Buddhist and Hindu statuary

Batujaya Sites, Candi Jiwa, Cando Blandongan (42)
Two of the very few Candi sites excavated in West Java

Chinese Temples in Jakarta (40)
a few small Chinese Temples, including one that had burnt down

Chandra Naya, Jakarta (36)
a Chinese traditional house surrounded by malls and skyscrapers



I am very grateful indeed to Bhante Sri Pannyavaro Mahathero at the Modern Mendut Vihara
whose hospitality and kindness helped us gain access to the Borobudur momument
and without whose help this record could never have been made


I am also greatly indebted to my good friends Leslie Shaw, Colin Low and Choon Aun
who acted as helpers on the various trips I made in 2009 and 2013
and who made many contributions to the success of this project


The diagram above has been adapted from a Wikimedia file published under a GFDL license

Some of the satellite photographs and maps have been modified from Google Maps, used under Fair Use terms


Seen from above the Borobudur Monument
is in the shape of a Mandala or Yantra


Photographs by Anandajoti Bhikkhu

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