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500+ high-definition creative commons photographs are presented in the Myanmar collections, on the linked pages you will find many photographs, and wherever possible I have added in relevant historical information, videos, maps and diagrams.

Interactive Map for the Photographs in Myanmar

a pick of some of the best photographs from the collections:

The Best of Myanmar (48)


The Land of Pagodas (53)



The Land of the Buddhas (46)



Decorative Mosaics in the Temples and Pagodas (29)




Ananda Pagoda (43)

The Quest for Awakening, Ananda Pagoda (40)

Mural Paintings at Upali Thein (20)

Wood Carvings at Shwezigon Pagoda (27)




Decorative Mosaics at Sutaungpyai Pagoda, Mandalay Hill (22)

Marble Books at Kuthodaw and Sandamuni Pagodas (24)

Carved Teak Work at Shwe Inbin Temple (28)

Mahamuni Pagoda (17)



Mural Paintings at Kyauktawgyi Pagoda (30)

Idyllic Taungthaman Lake (10)



Buddhas and Murals at the Po Win Caves (56)

500,000 Buddha Temple, Sambodhi Kat Kyaw (24)



Shwedagon Pagoda (36)



Extra Photographs from the Myanmar Trip (20)



Map Showing the Main Sites Visited




Ashin Indavamsa at Kuthodaw Pagoda

Mr. Lim Poh Aing at Sutaungpyai Pagoda, Mandalay

First of all I very grateful indeed to Ashin Indavamsa who acted as my guide to the History and Culture of Myanmar - his invaluable knowledge and patience in sharing it solved many an enigma that would have eluded me otherwise. Besides acting as a field guide he also made many ad hoc translations, questioned locals with more knowledge of the subject and in many ways facilitated the trip.

I am also greatly indebted to Mr. Lim Poh Aing who acted as our kappiya - a more willing helper it would be hard to imagine: ever-ready to get up and go when it was necessary and able to switch off when there was nothing much to do. He is also one of the most hardy men I have come across, and even long and hard work trips never once brought a complaint from him.

When in Mandalay we were the guests of Sayadaw U Sagara, and in Bagan of his Uncle Sayadaw U Samvara - two kinder hosts it would be hard to imagine; they provided accomodation and meals while we explored the respective regions; while in Yangon we stayed with my friend Sayadaw U Sumana, who similarly went out of his way to help us with any need that arose.

I owe a very big sadhu to Maw Maw Aung who runs the Bagan House Laquerware Shop, and who arranged for us to stay with her relatives the Sayadaws in Mandalay and Bagan, very kindly provided transport and a guide so we could get around the temples and pagodas in Bagan, and supplied us with books, maps and other useful information.


Photographs by Anandajoti Bhikkhu

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