Kbal Spean

high-definition creative commons photographs from this Angkorian site in Cambodia, set in natural surroundings in a remote forest, together with further information and a map.


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Panoramic View of the River
Panoramic View (4:1) of the River with the main Yoni and Five Lingams


Kbal Spean is situated about 50 km north of the main Angkor site, farther along the road past Banteay Srei, and up into the hills. The main sculptures were carved into the rocks and river bed of a tributary of the Siem Reap river during the reign of Udayadityavarman II. The cultural artifacts in their natural surroundings give the site a unique ambience, and the carvings seem to have been made to fit in with their surroundings.

On the rocks around the river are figures from Hindu Mythology: reclining images of Vishnu dreaming the world into existence, with Lakshmi, his consort alongside; Siva and Uma on the bull Nandi; and a beautiful representation of the Four-Headed Brahma lying in the waters near the top of the site. Along the river bed are carved many Lingams and yonis, evidently intending to make the river wash over with blessings as it makes its way down to the main settlement at Angkor.

Map of Kbal Spean

Photographs by Anandajoti Bhikkhu

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