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Guest Photographers

350+ high-definition creative commons photographs presented here are from five different guest photographers, on the linked pages you will find many photographs from India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tibet and Nepal.

After receiving some photographs from my good friend Ken Kawasaki that he had taken in the Indian Museum in Kolkata, I asked if it would be possible to publish them on this site, and he very kindly gave permission.

I therefore decided to start a new section for Guest Photographers who might like to contribute to the growing collection of material concerning Buddhist Art, Culture and Heritage. I feel this could be a valuable move as I am very limited in the amount of work I can personally do in this regard.

If anyone else would like to contribute to the collection, please contact me first explaining what materials you have. Note that photographs should normally be high-definition in size (say a minimum 5m px); and should be made available under a Creative Commons License. You could choose one yourself, though I would encourage the same one as I use.


Aurel Stein

Aurel Stein: The Thousand Buddhas (70)
Paintings from the Thousand Buddhas caves in Dunhuang


Ven. Dhammika

Mount Kailash, A Pilgrim's Companion (40)
Book about Visiting Mt. Kailash in Tibet

Himalayas, Tibet and Nepal (46)
Photographs from the Himalayan Regions


Ken Kawasaki

Bharhut Stupa in the Indian Museum, Kolkata (24)
Remains of a Famous 2nd BCE Stupa now in Kolkata

Buddha Statues and Reliquaries in the Indian Museum, Kolkata (20)
Good Collection from a Large Museum


Dr. Rolf Heinrich Koch

Murals and Statues in Sri Lankan Temples (28)
Colourful Murals in Sri Lankan Temples



Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara (36)
Famous Pilgrimage Site in Sri Lanka


Fabian Frederick Blandford

The Life of King Mangrai (136)
Murals retelling the Story of Chiang Mai's Founder

Wat Chedi Ngam (28)
HDR Panoramas and Photographs of this Wat in Fang


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