Pawapuri (Jaina Pilgrimage Site)

high-definition creative commons photographs from Pawapuri, showing the Temple marking the site where the Jaina Mahāvīra passed away, and other centres, together with some further information.


Around 35 kilometres from Rajgir is Pawapuri, the town held most sacred by the Jainas. It was here, they believe that Mahāvīra attained Awakening, gave his first and last sermons and attained parinibbāna. The most interesting site is the marble temple marking the place of his parinibbāna. There are a number of other Jaina temples in this town that have fine temples and interesting statuary, but most do not allow photography, so the selection here is quite limited.


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Inscription in Temple marking Mahāvīra's Passing


Photographs by Anandajoti Bhikkhu

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