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2,400+ high-definition creative commons photographs are presented in the India collections, on the linked pages you will find many photographs, and wherever possible I have added in relevant historical information, videos, maps and diagrams.


The Bhārhut Stupa in the Indian Museum, Kolkata (68)
The Remains of the Bharhut Stupa

Statues and Reliefs in the Indian Museum, Kolkata (152)
Buddha, Bodhisattva and other Statues and Reliefs

Statues and Bronzes in the Patna Museum, Bihar (76)
Buddha, Bodhisattva and other Statues and Bronzes

Himalayan Art Gallery, Shivaji Museum, Mumbai (40)
Bronzes and Thangkas from the Himalayan Art Gallery


Gayā and its Environs

Mahābodhi Temple in Bodhgaya (92)
The Pilgrimage Site at the Buddha's Awakening

Around Bodhgaya (32)
Sites in and around Bodhgaya connected with the Buddha

Nagarjuni, Barabar and Kawa Dol (88)
Early Cave Temple Sites

Daibutsu (Great Buddha) Statue (12)
Modern Japanese Sculptures

Three Tibetan Temples (92)
Some Colourful Temples in the Tibetan Tradition

Murals at Wat Thai (32)
Extensive Murals depicting Buddha's Life-Story, Jatakas and Other Scenes


Pilgrimage Sites

Stūpas and other remains along the Pilgrimage Route (84)
Various Sites along the Pilgrimage Roads

Murals at Nava Jetavana, Shravasti (16)
Modern Murals at this new Indian Temple

In and Around Rajgir (Rājagaha) (68)
Veluvana, Gijjhakūṭa and Other Sites

Nālanda University (140)
Important Remains of a large Buddhist University

Pawapuri (Jaina Pilgrimage Site) (16)
Site of Mahāviīra's Birth, Awakening and Passing


Sanchi and nearby Sites

East Gate of Stupa no. 1 at Sanchi (70 + 2)
Manussa Buddhas, Buddha's Departure, Asoka's Visit and other Reliefs

South Gate of Stupa no. 1 at Sanchi (43 + 2)
Birth, Asoka's Visit, Manussa Buddhas and other Reliefs

West Gate of Stupa no. 1 at Sanchi (51 + 2)
First Teaching, Chaddanta Jātaka, Mahākapi Jātaka and other Reliefs

North Gate of Stupa no. 1 at Sanchi (44 + 2)
Māra's Attack, Vessantara Jātaka, The Descent at Sankissa and other Reliefs

Stupa no 3, Sanchi (64 + 3)
Many Reliefs on this Later Stūpa

Temple no. 45 and other Ruins, Sanchi (40 + 1)
Some of the Temples, Monasteries and other Ruins near the Stūpas

Satdhara Stupas, Vidisha (20 + 2)
Extensive Stūpa site in an Idyllic Setting


Udayagiri Caves, Vidisha (40 + 4)
Hindu and Jaina Cave Site


Maharashtra Cave Sites

Triraśmi Caves, Nashik (87 + 12)
Fine Collection of Caves on the Trade Routes

Cave Sites near Lonavala

Kondane Caves, Rajmachi (32 + 3)
Remote Meditation Caves

Bedse Caves, Lonavala (36 + 3)
Early Cave Site with Fine Chaitya Cave

Bhaja Caves, Lonavala (56 + 5)
Some of the earliest rock-cut caves in western India

Karle Caves, Lonavala (48 + 1)
Earliy rock-cut caves including a fine Chaitya Hall

Ghoravadi Caves, Pune (24)
Buddhist caves converted into Hindu Temples


Cave Sites near Aurangabad

Pitalkhora Caves, the Brazen Glen (55)
Remote Meditation Caves

Aurangabad Caves, Group 1 (62 + 5)
Late Rock-Cut Cave Temples

Aurangabad Caves, Group 2 (53 + 4)
Late Rock-Cut Cave Temples

Ellora Caves (186 + 12)
Buddhist Caves at Ellora

Ajanta Caves 1-12 (109 + 8)
First Group of Caves including Many Paintings

Ajanta Caves 16-17 (82)
Second Group of Caves including Many Paintings

Ajanta Caves 19-26 (118)
Third Group of Caves with the Best Carvings



I am very grateful indeed to my good friends Leslie Shaw and Neal Ariyapala who accompanied me on my first trip to the Indian sites in 2013, and to Dr. Poe Kok who came with me to Sanchi and the cave sites in Maharasthra in 2017. It would not have been possible to do this work without them.

Dr. Kok
Dr. Kok meditating at Sanchi


Photographs by Anandajoti Bhikkhu

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