Candi Pringapus

high-definition creative commons photographs from Candi Pringapus, north of Yogyakarta, Java, showing the architecture and the other remains of this Hindu Temple, together with further information on the Candi.


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Candi Pringapus

The temple is in the village Pringapus, Ngadirejo, Waterford which is about 100km north of Yogyakarta, the cultural capital of Java. The statues of Lord Shiva found in the temple signify that it is dedicated to the Hindu sect Pringapus Siwaistis.

Pringapus temple was built in the year 850 AD according to the inscriptions found around the temple when the restoration was held in 1932. This temple is a replica Mount Mahameru, the name of a mountain abode of the gods. This is evidenced by the presence of ornaments and reliefs depicitng demi-gods.

The temple in Pringapus, which faces East, follows the normal layout in Central Java, with the main temple surrounded by ancillary temples. In this case the temple has been reconstructed in which there is a statue of Nandi. Around the temple there are many stone remains from other buildings in the original temple complex.

Text translated and adapted from Wikipedia (retrieved, January 1st, 2014)


Photographs by Anandajoti Bhikkhu

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