Puras around Goa Lawah

high-definition creative commons photographs from Puras around Goa Lawah, Bali together with further information.


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Pura Goa Lawah

(The Bat Cave Temple)

There are numerous temples in Bali centered around a particular natural phenomena, here it is a cave full of bats, on the southeast coast of the island, and overlooking Penida Island.

It is one of the six sanctuaries of the world (Sad Kahyangan Jagad) which are found on Bali (which six they are depends on who you ask, it seems, but this temple is normally included).

Pura Silayukti

(11th Century Temple)

This temple is dedicated to Mpu Kuturan who introduced the Hindu caste system, and other social constructs into Bali in the 11th century. The temple is about 6km north of Goa Lawah.

Pura Tanjung Sari

(11th Century Temple)

There are three temples at the Silyukti site, and this is the one on the cliffside, and from where you can get a good view over the ocean below.

Photographing Goa Lawah

Photographing Goa Lawah, Photograph by Vonny Salazar



Photographs by Anandajoti Bhikkhu

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