Pura Pegulingam

high-definition creative commons photographs from Pura Pegulingam, Bali together with further information.


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Around what was evidently originally a Buddhist site, with a fairly large Buddhist stūpa, and the broken remains of various Dhyāna Buddhas, placed at the quarters, there has now come up a well established Hindu temple.

Inscriptions were found here, one of which Goris (1948) transcribed as:

Ye Dharma Hetu-prabhawa /
Hentu tesantathagoto hyawadat //
Tesab ca yo nirodka /
Evam wadi mahasramanah

Also inside the stūpa is a small box containing a golden Buddha statue. This is only brought out once a year.

It is approached through the paddy fields, and at the time we went the villagers were preparing for a festival.

001 Overview of Temple

01 Overview of Temple

002 Split Gateway and Stupa

02 Split Gateway and Stupa

003 Split Gateway and Stupa

03 Split Gateway and Stupa

004 Split Gateway

04 Split Gateway

005 Stupa and Offerings

05 Stupa and Offerings

006 Stupa and Umbrellas

06 Stupa and Umbrellas

007 Stupa

07 Stupa

008 Aksobya Buddha

08 Aksobya Buddha

009 Sunken Pradaksina

09 Sunken Pradaksina

010 Broken Carvings

10 Broken Carvings

011 Modern Shrines

11 Modern Shrines

012 Modern Shrines

12 Modern Shrines

013 Shrine House

13 Shrine House

014 Shrine House

14 Shrine House

015 Modern Shrine

15 Modern Shrine

016 Side Shrine

16 Side Shrine

017 Side Shrine

17 Side Shrine

018 Buddha Shrine

18 Buddha Shrine

019 Cars for the Gods

19 Cars for the Gods


Photographs by Anandajoti Bhikkhu

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