Pura Samuan Tiga, Gyanyar

high-definition creative commons photographs from Pura Samuan Tiga, Gyanyar, Bali together with further information.


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This is an 11th century temple, not far from Goa Gajah. The name of the temple means the Temple of the Three Gods in Disguise. When the bad king Mayadenawa was ruling he argued against the villagers faith in the Hindu gods.

The gods Indra, Mahadewa, and Pasupati heard about this after the villagers prayed to them, and came down to earth dressed as simple villagers themselves, and refuted the great king, and showed their great power. It is now considered one of the six great temples in Bali.

When we were there the temple was very quiet, and a change from the touristy sites nearby. Around the temple are a number of huge and ancient trees, including the customary banyan trees. The temple contains a few ancient sculptures, like the one to Dewi Ganga, and a very fine collection of Door Guardians. There are also two modern tapestries showing scenes from Mahābhārata and Rāmāyaṇa.


001 Split Gateway

01 Split Gateway

002 Gate and Tree

02 Gate and Tree

003 Old Banyan Tree

03 Old Banyan Tree

004 Banyan Tree

04 Banyan Tree

005 Banyan Tree

05 Banyan Tree

006 Main Gateway with Bhoma

06 Main Gateway with Bhoma

007 Bhoma Head

07 Bhoma Head

008 Three Shrines

08 Three Shrines

009 Shrine and Tree

09 Shrine and Tree

010 Inside Gate

10 Inside Gate

011 Peripheral Shrines

11 Peripheral Shrines

012 Modern Shrines

12 Modern Shrines

013 Pengaruman Modern Shrine

13 Pengaruman Modern Shrine

014 Bhatara Gangga Shrine

14 Bhatara Gangga Shrine

015 Bhatara Gangga

15 Bhatara Gangga

016 Gelung Sri Sedana

16 Gelung Sri Sedana

017 Lingga Yoni

17 Lingga Yoni

018 Water Goddess

18 Water Goddess

019 Dwarapala

19 Dwarapala

020 Dwarapala

20 Dwarapala

021 Dwarapala

21 Dwarapala

022 Dwarapala

22 Dwarapala

023 Dwarapala

23 Dwarapala

024 Dwarapala

24 Dwarapala

025 Makara

25 Makara

026 Makara

26 Makara

027 Dwarapala

27 Dwarapala

028 Dwarapala

28 Dwarapala

029 Dwarapala

29 Dwarapala

030 Dwarapala

30 Dwarapala

031 Dwarapala

31 Dwarapala

032 Fire Shrine

32 Fire Shrine

033 Makara and Stairs

33 Makara and Stairs

034 Dwarapala Close Up

34 Dwarapala Close Up

035 Makara and Stairs

35 Makara and Stairs

036 Fierce Guardians

36 Fierce Guardians

037 Ratu Tirta Empul Shrine

37 Ratu Tirta Empul Shrine

038 Kuruksetra Painting

38 Kuruksetra Painting

039 Ravana Painting

39 Ravana Painting

Standing at the Gate

Standing at the Gate, Photograph by Vonny Salazar


Photographs by Anandajoti Bhikkhu

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