Taman Ayun Temple, Mengwi

high-definition creative commons photographs from Taman Ayun Temple, Mengwi together with further information.


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Taman Ayun Temple was built from 1632-1634 by the king of the Mengwi Kingdom, I Gusti Agung Putu Raja. In the construction of Taman Ayun Temple, he was assisted by an architect who came from a Chinese descendant from Banyuwangi named Ing Khang Ghoew, also often called I Kaco, a colleague of King Mengwi. Taman Ayun Temple is a family temple for the Mengwi Kingdom, and is where the Royal Family worship their ancestors.

The temple itself is closed to visitors, and can only be viewed from outside, but in this case there is good visual access, and raised platforms so it is east to see. The temple complex is divided into four different courtyards, one higher than the other. The first court can be reached only by passing through the gate and the bridge over the moat. The main temple has many Meru Shrines, of many tiers, including the highest 11-Tiered Shrines. Inside the grounds there is also a small museum, with historical photographs.

001 Fountain in the Park

01 Fountain in the Park

002 Fountain from the Park

02 Fountain from the Park

003 The Fountain

03 The Fountain

004 Stairs leading to Gateway

04 Stairs leading to Gateway

005 Gateway leading to Temple

05 Gateway leading to Temple

006 Kulkul Drum Tower

06 Kulkul Drum Tower

007 Gateway to Temple and Avenue

07 Gateway to Temple and Avenue

008 Courtyard and Gateway

08 Courtyard and Gateway

009 A Thatched Pavillion

09 A Thatched Pavillion

010 Main Gate from Afar

10 Main Gate from Afar

011 Main Gate from the Front

11 Main Gate from the Front

012 Temple Gateway from the Side

12 Temple Gateway from the Side

013 The Main Gate from the Side

13 The Main Gate from the Side

014 Gate and Moat

14 Gate and Moat

015 The Bridge across the Moat

15 The Bridge across the Moat

016 Thatched Pavillion

16 Thatched Pavillion

017 Shrines inside the Temple

17 Shrines inside the Temple

018 11-Tiered Temple Towers

18 11-Tiered Temple Towers

019 Three 11-Tiered Towers

19 Three 11-Tiered Towers

020 Many Temple Towers

20 Many Temple Towers

021 Two Shrines

21 Two Shrines

022 11-Tiered Shrine

22 11-Tiered Shrine

023 11-Tiered Shrine

23 11-Tiered Shrine

024 9-Tiered Shrine

24 9-Tiered Shrine

025 3-Tiered Shrine

25 3-Tiered Shrine

026 Shrine inside the Temple

26 Shrine inside the Temple

027 A Side Shrine

27 A Side Shrine

028 Devas around the Shrine

28 Devas around the Shrine

029 Guardians protecting the Shrine

29 Guardians protecting the Shrine

030 Characters on the Base of the Shrine

30 Characters on the Base of the Shrine

031 Decorations on Base of Shrine

31 Decorations on Base of Shrine

032 Female Monlkey and Flowers

32 Female Monlkey and Flowers

033 Guardian at the Door

33 Guardian at the Door

034 1-Tiered Shrine

34 1-Tiered Shrine

035 Pathway

35 Pathway

036 Shri Devi

36 Shri Devi

037 Visnu on Garuda

37 Visnu on Garuda

038 Guardian with Flower

38 Guardian with Flower

039 Three Barongs

39 Three Barongs

040 Barong Close Up

40 Barong Close Up

041 Barong Close Up

41 Barong Close Up

042 Barong Close Up

42 Barong Close Up

043 Garden by a Stream

43 Garden by a Stream

044 Visiting Party of Young Men

44 Visiting Party of Young Men


Photographs by Anandajoti Bhikkhu

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