Prestavest Memorial Park, Tupai, Taiping, Perak

high-definition creative commons photographs from a large, well-kept modern cemetery in Perak, Malaysia, together with a map and some further information.


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Map showing the development of the Prestavest Memorial Park

The Prestavest Memorial Park is a large modern cemetery located near Tupai, Taiping, which was opened in 1996. It appears to have been built next to an older cemetery, or to be an expansion of that cemetery. There are about 8,000 plots for burial (this may be expanding as large areas are currently being cleared), and a similar number of niches in the columbarium. Feng Shui plays a major role in selecting a good spot for the grave or the ashes.

The place is open, clean and strikingly peaceful and well taken care of, as can be seen from the photographs, and we often go for a walk there in the evening in preference to the Lake Gardens, which are very busy and unkempt these days. We rarely see anyone else there, except for workers and security guards. The gravestones are very well designed and often have peaceful landscapes on them. There are also modern statues around depicting various characters from mainly Chinese mythology.


8 Gods

8 Gods

Photographs by Anandajoti Bhikkhu

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