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750+ high-definition creative commons photographs presented here are from the Malaysian collections, on the linked pages you will find many photographs, also wherever possible I have added in relevant historical information, videos, maps and diagrams.

Interactive Map for the Photographs in Malaysia

1: Kedah

Bujang Valley Museum (24)
Remains of this early Archeological Site

Modern Paintings by Paw Oo at Wat Olak Madu (68)
Jātaka and Buddha's Life Story

Paintings on the Blessings of Success by Aung at Wat Olak Madu (9)
Mahājayamangala Stories Illustrated


2: Penang

Vivekavana, Solitude Grove (33)
Remote Meditation Monastery

Art Works at Kek Lok See (44)
Large Mahayana Temple

Glasswork at the Vaidurya Buddhist Lodge (17)
Small Mahayana Temple in Bukit Mertajam

Large Taoist Tow Boo Kong Temple (40)
Archtitecture, Sculpture and Reliefs

Old Atmospheric Cheng Shin Temple (16)
19th Century Temple in Bukit Mertajam

Moral Uplifting Society (14)
Syncretic Temple in Bukit Mertajam

Stonework at Tua Peh Kong Temple (25)
Imported Chinese Stone Work

Old Protestant Cemetery (26)
Earliest Cemetery in Penang


3: Taiping

War Cemetery in Taiping (24)
Fallen Soldiers from Britain, India and Malaysia

The Lake Gardens (25)
Gardens built on old Tin Mines

The Memorial Park (36)
Well-Kept Cemetery with Many Reliefs

24 Filial Exemplar Stories (24)
Illustrations of Stories on Graves at the Memorial Park

24 Filial Exemplar Stories (2nd set) (24)
Illustrations of Stories on Graves at the Memorial Park

Fu-De-She-Da-Bo-Gong Temple in Kamunting, Taiping (40)
Old Taoist Temple in Taiping


4: Ipoh

Tua Pek Kong and Kuan Yin Temple, Ping Sien (114)
Coastal Syncretic Temple with Many Statues and Reliefs

Investiture of the Gods Reliefs, Ping Sien, Malaysia (127)
Characters from this famous Chinese Story

Cave Temples (65)
Various Cave Temples in the Limestone Hills

Enlightened Heart Tibetan Temple (17)
Colourful Tibetan Tradition Temple


5: Kuala Lumpur

Batu Caves (72)
Largest Hindu Pilgrimage Site outside India

Verses from the Tirukkurul (16)
Famous Tamil Moral Stories

Royal Wat Chetawan, Kuala Lumpur (14)
Royalk Thai Temple

Sinhalese Cemetery in Kuala Lumpur (11)
Old Cemetery for Sri Lankans


6: Pahang

Scenery from the Cameron Highlands (35)
Picturesque Scenery in the Highlands of Malaysia

Sam Poh Wan Futt Chi, Brinchang (47)
Mahayana Temple with Great Brass Work

Pahang Buddhist Association Temple, Kuantan (29)
Modern Mahayana Temple

Stories of the Eighteen Arhats (18)
Stories of the Arhats of the Mahayana Tradition



7: Tumpat and Pasir Mas, Kelantan

Wat Uttamaram (20)
Old Thai Temple built by Tok Raja

Wat Maisuwankiri (Dragon Boat Temple) (42)
Thai Temple with Unique Features

Wood Carvings at Wat Maisuwankiri (19)
Carvings illustrative of Jātaka and Buddha's Life Story

Friezes at Wat Machimaram (16)
Buddha's Life Story

Wat Phothivihan (16)
Statues, Furniture and Tibetan work in Thai Temple



Photographs by Anandajoti Bhikkhu

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