500,000 Buddha Temple, Sambodhi Kat Kyaw, Monywa

high-definition creative commons photographs from Myanmar, showing the architecture and statues in this very striking modern temple, together with further information.


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According to the plaque erected here: "construction of this Sambuddhe (= Sambodhi) Kat Kyaw Pagoda was commenced by the Sayadawgyi of Mohnyin Tawya in 1301 B.E. [C.E. 1939] and completed in 1313 B.E. [C.E. 1951] on attainment of the 80th year of his age."

It has over 800 brightly painted stupas around the pagoda. There are also reportedly 582,357 Buddha statues on the ceiling, walls, and archways and in niches in and around the temple compound.


Photographs by Anandajoti Bhikkhu

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