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high-definition creative commons photographs presented here are from the Pakistan collections, on the linked pages you will find many photographs, also wherever possible I have added in relevant historical information, maps and diagrams.

Interactive Map for the Photographs in Pakistan
Pakistan Map

Museums holding Gandhāran Works
(2nd BCE - 10th CE)

Peshawar Museum (165)
Largest Collection of Gandhāran Works

Hund Museum (105)
A Modern Museum with a Good Collection


Sites around Mardan
(2nd BCE - 10th CE)

Takht i Bahi (41)
A Well-Preserved Monastery, Stūpa and Settlement

Jamal Garhi (37)
A Monastery, Stūpa and Settlement excavated by Cunningham

Aziz Dheri (22)
A Recently discovered Monastery, Stūpa and Settlement


Sites around Taxila
(2nd BCE - 10th CE)

Sirkap (37)
A Planned City near Taxila

Mohra Moradu (19)
A Stūpa Site

Jaulian (42)
A Collection of Decorated Stūpas

Dharmarajika (34)
A Large Stūpa founded in Aśokan Times


Gandhara Map

Gandhāra Map


Photographs by Leow Chai Yee

Leow Chai Yee at Aziz Dheri

Edited and Described by Ānandajoti Bhikkhu

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