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Paintings, Posters and Nature

1,000+ high-definition creative commons Dhamma posters, paintings and nature photographs.


The Life of the Buddha by I Made Sesangka (31)
28 Paintings in Kamasan, Bali style illustrating the Life of the Buddha.

The Life of the Buddha by Various Artists (35)
20 Paintings illustrating the Life of the Buddha and other works by the same artists.

Aurel Stein: The Thousand Buddhas (70)
Paintings from the Thousand Buddhas caves in Dunhuang

James Fergusson: The Cave Temples of India (15)
Drawings of Karle, Ajanta, Ellora, Kannari and Mahabalipur


28 Buddhas plus Metteyya (29)
Posters of the 28 Buddhas and Buddha Metteyya.


Dhammapada (Chapters 1-7) (68)
Posters of all verses from 1-99

Dhammapada (Chapters 8-14) (67)
Posters of all verses from 100-196

Dhammapada (Chapters 15-21) (65)
Posters of all verses from 197-305

Dhammapada (Chapters 22-26) (80)
Posters of all verses from 306-423

Buddha’s Wisdom

Buddha’s Wisdom
(Chapters 1-7) (88)

Buddha’s Wisdom
(Chapters 8-14) (73)

Buddha’s Wisdom
(Chapters 15-21) (91)

Buddha’s Wisdom
(Chapters 22-28) (84)


Dharma Posters (14)
Some Dharma Posters made over the Years


Landscapes and Skyscapes (56)
Scenes from Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Thailand

Flowers and Leaves (73)
Framed Photographs of Fauna seen on my Travels

Patterns found in Nature (26)
Different Patterns in Leaves, Wood and Stone


Photographs by Anandajoti Bhikkhu

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