Sumathipala Meditation Centre

high-definition creative commons photographs from the Sumathipala Meditation Centre, showing the grounds chetiya, bodhi tree and Poson Lanterns, together with some further information.

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The Sumathipala Meditation Centre (full name: Sumathipala Nahimi Senasun Arana) is a recently established meditation centre in Kanduboda near Delgoda, Sri Lanka, which was founded on the site of the original Kanduboda Meditation Centre, which stands next door to the new monastery.

The centre was started around 2003 by Ven Gampaha Pemasiri Mahathera, who is the leading disciple of Ven Kahatapitiya Sumathipala, and one of the foremost meditation teachers in Sri Lanka.

The centre is set in a lovely and peaceful grove and has a very fine modern chetiya, with reliefs in different materials on it, with an impressive relic chamber inside, and a Bodhi Tree nearby.


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The Grounds

The grounds are set in what is now a delightful quiet mixed flora grove that has been converted from a coconut estate. There are approximately 50 kutis (cottages) for both males and females.



The Chetiya

The building of the Chetiya was supervised by the Head Monk, Ven. Pemasiri. It contains a beautiful relic chamber inside, with reliefs around, and more reliefs on the outside of the Buddha statue chambers.



The Bodhi Tree

A sapling of the Bodhi Tree was brought from the Maha Bodhi Tree in Anuradhapura planted around 2006. It was lovingly decorated for the Poson Full Moon festival.



Poson Lanterns

These lanterns are made specially for the June or Poson Full Moon Day, which commemorates the arrival of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, brought by Ven Mahinda, a son of King Asoka.


Photographs by Anandajoti Bhikkhu

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