Treasure of the Three Kingdoms Centre
1. The Theravāda Collection

high-definition creative commons photographs from The Great Treasure of the Three Kingdoms Centre in Hatyai, focusing on the Theravada collection, together with further information.

The Great Treasure of the Three Kingdoms Centre in Hatyai is one of the largest collections of Buddhist themed materials I have seen anywhere, and has everything from statues, pictures, amulets, coins, jewellery, furniture and household items. The three kingdoms of the name are Thailand, Cambodia, and China, which is the largest part of the collection. The collection is the work of the Chinese-Thai Phuc Tien family, who are a famous family selling agricultural materials and water refiners.

The buildings holding the collection cover more than an acre. Inside the main building there are many rooms holding specialised collections, and a huge floor space where other parts of the collections are set up on raised plynths, again arranged according to theme. Part of the collection is in four or five open air rooms; while the main collection is in a hanger-type building. There are collections of amulets set out in display cases throughout. At the back of the buildings are two large Nāga statues.

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The Bejewelled Statues

The Rooms and their Statues

Primitive Buddha Statues

Smaller Images

Amulets and Coins

The Open-Air Nāga Statues


Photographs by Anandajoti Bhikkhu

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