Wat Plukkhla, Hatyai, Thailand

high-definition creative commons photographs from Wat Plukkhla, Hatyai, southern Thailand, showing the Buddha Statue, Buddha halls, decorations and reliefs illustrating the Life of the Buddha.


Wat Plukkhla is near to the airport at Hatyai. It appears to be an older temple, that has recently seen a big increase in its income, particularly from Singapore and Malaysia, which it is spending on establishing new statues and buildings. At the centre of the temple is the monumental Buddha Lapah Damrong (Buddha Stable-Wealth), which sits atop the unfinished sīma. In the courtyard below are four long hallways housing modern Buddha statues.

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Main Buddha Statue and Surroundings



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Sīma and Life of the Buddha Reliefs



Buddha Halls and Statues


Photographs by Anandajoti Bhikkhu

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