Wat Rachatiwat, Bangkok, Thailand
(built by Rama II)

high-definition creative commons photographs from Bangkok, showing the architecture, unusual statues and reliquaries in this Royal Temple, together with further relevant information.

This Temple is situated just back from the Chao Phraya river about one kilometre above Wat Mahathat, and it was quite difficult to find the entry. It appears to have been built around 1820, during the reign of Rama II, by the King's younger brother. King Mongkut (Rama V) resided here after he became King and it is named the King's Residence for this reason, it is apparently the original Dhammayut sect (founded by Mongkut) forest-dwelling Temple. The Ubosot is Khmer influenced in style, and the mural paintings inside were the work of the Italian artist Ricoli, and depict the Life of Vessantara.


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Photographs by Anandajoti Bhikkhu

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